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Suggested method for the management of heterotopic cervical pregnancy

jmigThis is a case report and literature review regarding early diagnosis and management of a cervical heterotopic pregnancy. A 41 year old gravida 2 para 0 with premature ovarian failure was successfully treated in an in vitro fertilization program with donor oocytes. A transvaginal ultrasound scan revealed the presence of a heterotopic pregnancy; one intrauterine and one intracervical. Both embryos presented with positive heart beats. Aspiration of the cervical pregnancy was followed by Foley catheter placement and cervical cerclage suturing. Monitoring of the patient resulted in elective uncomplicated Caesarean section at 38 weeks following an uneventful pregnancy. Since no guidelines exist for the management of heterotopic cervical pregnancy, literature review is conducted suggesting the most effective method. The value of early diagnosis and management is concluded from the literature, in support of our management principles.

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