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New technologies for the diagnosis of breast cancer.

Magnetic tomography (MRI) of the breast is a painless diagnostic medical examination that does not use radiation and allows the additional control and analysis of the breasts. It is recommended for women in which  digital mammography and ultrasound are not conclusive or leave diagnostic problems. With the evolution of medical technology MRI examination has acquired an important role  in both  detection of disease at early stage and in the treatment of certain patients with diagnostic problems.
Another method that offers diagnostic precision and specialization is elastography, a method based on ultrasound which can be very reliable in differentiating  benign or malignant characteristics of a lesion.
Elastography assesses the consistency of the tissues surrounding the damage and the blood vessels related to them. This method improves the reliability of other breast examinations and offers an excellent estimate of any alterations in a lesion. Conclusion. Breast MRI and Elastography provide vital information to the Breast Surgeon reagrding the correct management of patients with  breast disease.

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