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Discovery of gene related to breast cancer response to treatment..

The discovery of PHGDH gene by scientists from White Head institute of Massachussetts was published recently in  “Science” medical journal. This gene was present in  70% of  breast cancers that do not respond to hormone therapy.  This is extremely important as this method offers fast results and can control hundrends of genes simultaneously. Consequently ,this discovery is expected to have a great affect on the development of new treatments.
The majority of  breast cancer cases, roughly 2/3, are hormone dependent and are therefore treated according to their positive hormonal status. Drugs such as Tamoxiphene and Aromatese inhibitors constitute effective treatments in hormone dependent breast cancer cases.
However, in the 1/3 of breast cancers that are not hormone dependent, the above treatment is not effective and consequently the therapeutic choices are limited. This new discovery has shown that PHGDH gene is present in the majority of breast cancers which do not respond to hormone treatment.
The gene is involved in  the structure of cancer cells and  in the production Serine (an amino-acid) . The result of the above could be the discovery of treatments targeting  Serine.    However, Dr Richard Posemato, Head of the scientific team  stated  that  it may be too early to predict whether this treatment will be effective in large scales.

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